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Our Vision

Macclesfield Museums are managed by Macclesfield Silk Heritage Trust, a charitable company, limited by guarantee, and registered in England (company numbers 2182687, charity number 519521).

Our Vision

Macclesfield Silk Heritage Trust – celebrating and sharing the extraordinary story of Macclesfield; a story of creativity, industry and enterprise.

We celebrate. Our town was once the beating heart of Britain's silk trade, the western end of the Silk Road. It has made us who we are today and shaped much of what we do. And even after hundreds of years its legacy continues to inspire, innovate and inform. We think that's something worth celebrating.

We promote creativity. Once a national centre for design and innovation, our town is built on creativity. So it's important that we work with others to support and inspire our contemporary creative industries and put us firmly on the makers map.

We tell stories about extraordinary people. Of our industrial entrepreneurs, skilled craftsmen, and their hard-working families. Through our incredible collections and historic buildings we're able to share the rollercoaster story of prosperity and hardship, of industry and creativity. It's quite a ride.

We take care of your heritage. Quite simply, we're the guardians of your history. We think it's important to preserve the past, so that our children are inspired about the future. These are your collections, your stories and your heritage. They are yours to enjoy.

We create experiences. Encountering our unique spaces for the first time is breath-taking. We specialise in creating jaw-dropping moments that amaze, surprise and entertain. Our talented team bring the past to life, creating memories that stay with our visitors well beyond their time with us.

We share knowledge. Whether that's through our imaginative education programmes, community initiatives, exhibitions or collection displays. But we also learn from our visitors, the discoveries they make about our heritage, and how it's intricately intertwined with their lives today.

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